Courteous Kids is a program designed to provide the necessary tools to build your child's confidence in a variety of social settings and reinforces what is taught at home. From deciding which fork to use for a salad to planning a party, students will learn how to express themselves thoughtfully and respectfully through an interactive, hands-on approach to etiquette that makes it fun to learn and easy to remember for any age.

boy What's right? What's cool? Students will learn the basic principles of etiquette are cool: Respect Yourself and Respect Others.

girl Three to Five years old learn the basics of manners, being a freind, sharing and more while making crafts, reading stories and enjoying themed “tea time”.
boy Grades 1 - 5 learn appropriate communication etiquette for texting, written correspondence and phone skills such as safe information to divulge and important information to record.
boy Tweens and Teens learn restuarant lingo, tips on tipping and appropriate dress for the ocassion.

All classes address the often itimidating "tablescape" of dining, proper greetings and introductions as well as the art of conversation.

Topics can be delivered as a whole program or a la carte. Special occasions can also be accommodated.

Perfect for organizations such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and after-school programs.

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